Cal High Bomb Threat

Cal High Bomb Threat

Cal High Bomb Threat – An alert that was sent out by the local school system stated that California High School in San Ramon had been placed under lockdown as a result of a violent threat that was made against the school on Wednesday. The alert stated that the lockdown was caused by the threat that was made against the school.

In the warning, it was claimed that the lockdown was necessary due to the fact that the threat had been made on Wednesday. Since that point in time, the curfew that was in place until midnight has been lifted. According to the San Ramon Police Department, officers and drones from their department conducted a check of the campus as part of their investigation, but they did not find anything that seemed suspicious during their examination.

While law enforcement personnel remained on campus and in the neighborhoods immediately surrounding it, investigations continued in both of those locations. During the lockdown, the school at 9870 Broadmoor Road had its entrances blocked off, the lights were turned down, and both the pupils and the employees were hidden from view. During the period in which the college was under lockdown, no visitors of any kind were permitted on campus at any time. This included parents and other invited guests.

The school district has released a statement to the effect that students will be dismissed in accordance with the procedure that is customarily followed, and that the activities that are scheduled to take place after school will proceed in the same manner as they had been previously organized. The TRAFFIX buses are standing by to collect the students as soon as they get at their destination.

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