Brenda Stewart Missing, Uniontown OH, Brenda Stewart has gone missing

Brenda Stewart Missing – Brenda Stewart is a native of Uniontown, which is located in Ohio. On the morning of February 6, 2023, she walked her grandchildren to the bus stop on their way to school. After then, a neighbor in the area of 2692 Raber Road in Uniontown, Ohio saw her walking into the woods for the last time. Her niece claims that there is an orchard located behind her aunt’s house, and that her aunt used to routinely stroll back into it. Since then, neither she nor anyone else has been able to locate her. It was stated that she does have mental health issues due to the fact that her son died in a vehicle accident in the year 2000, and “she hasn’t been right since.” This was in response to the question of whether or not she suffered from any mental health issues or drug use.

However, her family claims that she was the primary caregiver for her other son and her two daughters, and that they had every reason to believe that she wouldn’t suddenly abandon them. If you have any information that could be helpful regarding her, please contact her family. Within ten days of her disappearance, her family said that they did not receive any assistance from the police, including search parties or anything else. Her husband and family are beyond frightened and continue to insist that “she wouldn’t leave their infants like that” despite the fact that she has been absent for 11 days. Her niece reported that she had made calls to the police and to news outlets, but she did not feel as though she was making any progress.


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