Brenda Henkel Obituary, 79 Years Old Brenda Henkel Has Sadly Passed Away – Death

Brenda Henkel Obituary

Brenda Henkel Death, Obituary – On February 9, 2023, at the age of 79, Brenda Beth (Jochnowitz) Henkel passed away in her house in Colorado Springs. She had lived there for many years. Until the very end, she was attended to by family and friends. She is survived by her children Glenn (Lisa) Henkel and Ann (David) Fay, her grandchildren Grace, David, Isaac, and Evelyn.

Her siblings Michael (Lynn) Jochnowitz, HIllary (Noam) Harpaz, and Alice Trujillo, her extended family, and her many, many friends and neighbors. She will be greatly missed by all of them. She was held in the highest esteem by each and every one of them. Gary, who was not only Brenda’s husband but also her closest friend, passed away before Brenda. Gary was Brenda’s spouse when he passed away.

Sarah Ruth and Sidney Jochnowitz were Brenda’s parents, and she was born in Jamaica, New York. She was a charming child who had a strong sense of independence and a natural curiosity, both of which contributed to her equally charming childhood in East Patchogue. Brenda’s habit of bringing in strays and abandoned animals was a source of amusement for her siblings, but it was less appreciated by her parents.

A spoilt screech owl called “Wee Willie Winkie” and a goose named Giggs filled out the array of household mates and pets. Baby squirrels and newly-hatched sparrows were cared after until they could be released. It should come as no surprise that her natural inquisitiveness as a child drove her to pursue a career in teaching.

She began her career in California, then moved to Texas, and is now at District Russell Middle School. She worked as a science teacher at a middle school, and she used her warmth, sense of humor, and love of children to create a nurturing environment for the many hundreds of students that came through her classroom throughout the course of her career.

She instilled tenacity and self-assurance in innumerable kids, which in turn helped them find their own sense of wonder in the world. In addition to being a reliable colleague, she was a dedicated mentor to the younger teachers in the school. Her aptitude with children and her love for them, especially her own, were the driving forces behind her academic achievement in the classroom.

Simply put, Glenn and Ann were her (and Gary’s) source of pride and joy. She took great pleasure in them. She was completely obsessed with equestrian culture and endeavored to spend as much time as she could perched astride a horse.

Throughout the years, Kindy and Nimble, who are both Arabians, were faithful companions, and they eventually became the gorgeous subjects of many of her paintings. She committed a significant portion of her artistic ability to those loyal companions.

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