Billy Ray Suggs Obituary, Billy Ray Suggs Has Passed Away – Death

Billy Ray Suggs Obituary, Billy Ray Suggs Has Passed Away - Death

Billy Ray Suggs Obituary, Death – Billy Ray Suggs attended Louisiana Tech University for both his undergraduate and graduate studies, and it was at Louisiana Tech University that he got his Bachelor of Science degree in Petroleum Engineering. After beginning his professional life with Dresser Industries and working as an engineer in Africa and South America, he finally moved his family to Alaska, and then to Trinidad.

Before that, he worked as an engineer in Africa and South America. He was employed in Alaska’s oil and gas business during his time there. It is common knowledge that he started his professional career with Dresser Industries. [Case in point] Because of his employment, he was able to travel all over the world, visiting places as diverse as the oil fields of West Texas and the pyramids of Cairo, Egypt.

He was able to keep friendships that would last a lifetime while also making new acquaintances wherever he went. This was a testament to his remarkable social skills. This was a shining example of the amazing social abilities he possessed. Up until the time he became 75 years old, Billy Ray was employed in the petroleum industry as a drilling consultant and engineer. After a lengthy and fruitful career, he decided to hang up his boots.

Billy Ray is survived by his wife of 60 years, Charlotte Logan Suggs, as well as his children and their spouses: Scott and Yvonne Suggs, Bill and Karen Suggs Roper, and Sammy and Renee Suggs. Billy Ray was married to Charlotte Logan Suggs for a total of 60 years. Together, Billy Ray and Charlotte Logan Suggs were married for a combined total of 60 years. During their time together in high school, he developed a strong attraction to Charlotte Logan Suggs.

His grandchildren, all of whom loved and adored dad, include Kelli Suggs, Koby Suggs, Cooper Suggs, Kacie Robertson, Casey S. Roper, Sarah Roper, Cassidy Roper, Kyle Suggs, Keeley Suggs, and Kaitlyn Suggs. He is survived by his grandchildren. We shall miss having him around. He was a responsible head of household for his family. Kady and Kade Suggs, his great granddaughters, are picking up on their great-great-enthusiasm grandfather’s for the sport, which is being passed down down the generations.

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