Ashtynn Shook Obituary, 17 Years Old Dies In Car Accident In Randolph County – Death

Ashtynn Shook Obituary,

Ashtynn Shook Obituary, Death – The sheriff has reported that a collision that took place on Tuesday afternoon close to a rural intersection in the southwestern part of Randolph County resulted in the death of one of two teenage sisters who were identical twins. The other sister sustained injuries. Ashtynn Shook, a native of Losantville who was a passenger in the front seat of the vehicle when the accident occurred, lost her life as a result of the collision.

On Tuesday afternoon around 3:45 o’clock, the Randolph County E911 Center received a call about a crash that involved a single car and took place on County Road 1100 West just north of County Road 700 South. The location of the crash was specified as being just north of County Road 700 South. Approximately two and a half miles and half a mile to the north of Losantville is where you will find yourself.

Chloe Shook, 17, of Losantville is suspected of being the driver of a white 1997 Buick LaSabre when it strayed left of the centerline on County Road 1100 West, according to statements made by the Sheriff Art L. Moystner in a news release. The sheriff received this information from the detectives who were looking into the case. Chloe Shook made two excessive corrections, the first of which caused the vehicle to leave the east side of the road.

She then made a second excessive adjustment, which caused her to lose control of the vehicle. When the vehicle went off the west side of the road, where it then rolled many times until coming to a halt in a pasture, Ashtynn Shook was thrown from the vehicle as it was in the process of leaving the roadway. Chloe Shook, who had suffered multiple types of injuries, was airlifted to the Lutheran Hospital in Fort Wayne in a helicopter.

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