As the due date approaches, Stacey Solomon’s husband Joe Swash refers to her as a “beached whale.”

As the due date approaches, Stacey Solomon's husband Joe Swash refers to her as a "beached whale."

After pulling a prank on her, Stacey Solomon’s husband Joe Swash mockingly referred to her as a “beach whale.”

Joe, 40, certainly seems to be enjoying the third trimester a lot more than the Loose Women star, 33, since the couple just revealed that they are having their third child together.

The soon-to-be mother of five posted an Instagram story on Friday night showing her playing with her lovely 15-month-old daughter Rose while Joe encouraged her to come see something on his phone. She was lying on top of a soft grey bean bag covered in a fluffy champagne-colored wrap.

Look at this, Joe said to his wife.

Stacey first didn’t seem really concerned and just responded, “What is it?”

Rose, their youngest child, was urged to “get mama up” by the former EastEnders actor as Stacey was obviously finding it difficult to get off the bean bag.

Stacey decided to see what Joe was attempting to show her, but as she began to slide down the cozy bean bag, the hugely pregnant media personality ended up rolling on her back.

She remarked, entirely unaware that Joe was filming her the entire time, “It’d better be good.

Joe said, now laughing at her try to stand up, “It’s like a bloody beached whale!”

The former X Factor competitor was shocked by his joking remark and promptly reprimanded him, saying, “Oh my God, shut up.”

Rose, who is 14 months old, and Rex, who is 3 years old, are shared by Stacey and Joe. Leighton, 10, and Zachery, 14, are shared by Stacey and her ex-partner Aaron Barham.

Harry and his former fiancée Emma Sophocleous have a second son, Harry, who is 15 years old.

Sort Your Life Out, Stacey’s own TV series, is now under production.

To Lorraine, she said: “My corners are always quite neat. I can’t finish everything right away. Unless you have a week off, it is not possible. I work on one cabinet at a time.”

“The oldest of my children is content to live in a pigsty. My middle is extremely disciplined and cannot work if things are not in their proper positions. I have to sing the “tidy up” song to the youngest children.”

People often ask me how I keep things organized since they know that not everyone wants to be neat and tidy. If I wasn’t organized, I wouldn’t be able to have them.


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