Aria Martin Car Accident, Driver arrested after crashing into several cars in Mission Viejo

Aria Martin Car Accident, Driver arrested after crashing into several cars in Mission Viejo

Aria Martin Car Accident – According to the authorities, a driver who is thought to have been under the influence of narcotics caused damage to many automobiles that were parked in a parking lot in Mission Viejo by repeatedly crashing into them. The driver narrowly avoided hitting bystanders who sought to interfere in the incident. According to Sgt. Mike Woodroof of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, the driver of a dark Nissan Rogue, later identified as 33-year-old Aria Martin, was responsible for repeatedly hitting the vehicles on Thursday in a parking lot located in the 24000 block of Chrisanta Drive before 1:30 p.m. Martin’s actions took place in the parking lot.

Martin may be seen speeding up and crashing many times in a number of videos posted to TikTok and tweets he has posted on Twitter, but he never exits the vehicle at any point. Martin was approached by one individual, who then had to avoid being run over by Martin’s Nissan Rogue, which was speeding toward them. Because of the force of the impact, the bumper of the Nissan Rogue was left on the ground when it crashed with another parked car. Another individual approached the door on the driver’s side of the SUV and made an effort to open it, but they gave up as the driver began to back up the SUV.

According to Woodroof, there were no injuries that were recorded. After then, Martin drove out of the parking lot and onto the 5 highway going in the southern direction. She was able to find her way into a work zone, which led to the involvement of the California Highway Patrol.

While the Nissan Rogue was stopped on the motorway, a video from OnSceneTV shows at least one cop aiming a gun at the vehicle with the rifle pointed at the vehicle. As the police came to the event and took Martin into custody, traffic was stopped completely while they did so.

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