Amanda Fisher Obituary, Amanda Fisher Has Sadly Passed Away – Death

Amanda Fisher Obituary

Amanda Fisher Death, Obituary – Amanda’s children, Beth Fisher Tice (60), Jon Thomas Fisher (60), and James Keith Fisher (58), count themselves among the fortunate ones who call her their mother. Amanda was an outstanding domestic worker (55). Amanda graduated from Taylorsville High School in 1956 and went on to study music at Millsaps College, where she was a member of the Kappa Delta.

Sorority in addition to being a member of the Concert Choir, Madrigals, and Chapel Choir. Amanda obtained her high school diploma in 1956. After completing her education, she continued to use her beautiful voice as a soloist at the First Presbyterian Church in Jackson, Mississippi, as well as at the First Presbyterian Church in Taylorsville, Mississippi, for the rest of her life.

Both of these churches are located in the state of Mississippi. Her rendition of “O Holy Night” has, over the course of her career, brought tears to the eyes of a great number of listeners. Amanda got married to James Ray Hood, a native of Marks, Mississippi, in 1960, the same year she graduated from Millsaps College. James Ray Hood was also from Marks.

James was murdered in the line of duty in the Mississippi National Guard on July 20, 1964. His death came exactly 45 years ago today. As a direct consequence of this, Amanda was forced to assume responsibility for the upbringing of two young boys while being just 26 years old. After that, on October 9, 1965, Amanda Fisher of Winona, Mississippi wed Walter Frank Fisher.

At the time, they were both residents of Winona. They made their home in Jackson, Mississippi, where Walter worked as a banker up until the year 1974 while Amanda worked as a stay-at-home mom but didn’t spend much time there. They had one child together, Walter, who is now deceased. She was a delightful person to have in the home, and she took an enthusiastic interest in the development of the students at First Presbyterian Day School.

She was one of the editors for the highly regarded and widely distributed cookbook “Bless This Food Oh Lord We Pray.” The cookbook, which was developed by the parents of First Presbyterian Day School students and was titled “We Pray That You Will Bless This Food,” was titled “We Pray That You Will Bless This Food.” She was one of the editors for the cookbook.

At the time, the construction of the Cookbook was a tremendous undertaking, but in the end, it resulted in the school having access to much-needed teaching materials that had previously been unavailable. The cookbook included recipes for a variety of southern classics, many of which had been contributed by the parents of First Presbyterian Day School students.

Many of the recipes in the booklet were also gifts from those parents. The Cookbook is still extremely desirable, and it is an invaluable addition to the book collection of any chef who already possesses one.

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