Aloi Peter Obituary, Aloi Peter At Age 58 Has Passed Away – Death

Aloi Peter Obituary

Aloi Peter Death, Obituary – In addition, Roy Peter ALOI, who was 58 years old when he passed away on February 9, 2023 at Geelong University Hospital, also passed away in a calm and serene manner. His passing occurred at the same time as the previous person. It was around the same time that he passed away. She did not have to go through any kind of misery or suffering of any kind in the days that she still had left.

She was relieved about this. He is a considerate and caring son to his parents, Pasquale and Carmela, and he places the utmost importance on addressing all of his parents’ needs at all times. Dominic, Nick, Tina, and Mark, together with Michael and Karen, have a lot of affection for Michael, who is their brother in addition to being their brother-in-law.

Michael also has a lot of love for Karen, who is Dominic’s sister. Michael is also their spouse’s brother in addition to being their own. The warmth of this adoration extends all the way to Michael. Because Michael and Karen both have these feelings, it is clear that it is not simply the two of them who have them; consequently, it is not just them.

His nieces and nephews Patrick, Kyle, Natasha, James, Andrew, Rhiannon, and Gianna, as well as their respective families, think of Uncle Kylie as a beloved member of the family and hold him in the highest regard. Also holding him in high regard is their respective families. You are able to feel at rest and relaxed despite the frantic pace of your schedule. This is despite the fact that your schedule is quite packed.

On Friday, February 17, 2023, at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Colac, there will be a memorial ceremony held in honor of Roy. There has not yet been a decision made regarding the time or place of the event. The memorial service will be held in memory of the life that he lived before passing away. Within the city of Colac, the church can be found in the vicinity of the intersection where Queens Avenue and Gellibrand Street meet.

The intersection is commonly referred to as “the crossroads.” The burial will take place at the Colac Lawn Cemetery immediately after the service, which will begin at 11.30 in the morning and continue immediately after it. The burial will take place immediately after the service, which will take place immediately after the service.

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