Aliia Salikhova Obituary, Student of American University of Central Asia has died – Death

Aliia Salikhova Obituary,

Aliia Salikhova Obituary, Death – On February 18, Aliia Salikhova died. Aliia had just finished up her studies at the National Girl Scout Academy, and now she was beginning her studies at AUCA. In addition to this, she thought of herself as a part of the AUCA family. Aliia was a brilliant young lady with a strong sense of self-motivation. She cherished the opportunity to broaden her knowledge and to provide a helping hand to others who lived in her community. She had an insatiable thirst for knowledge.

During the short amount of time that she was employed at AUCA, she donated her aid at a variety of events, administered the Instagram account for the Business Administration Department, and was in charge of the National Guard Mental Seminars. “She was unique both as a person and as a spirit, and she possessed the most exquisite of the two. She has my regard as a person. Dearest.” Nurkyz SFW-122 “To be able to speak to her in the familiar tone of a friend was both a privilege and a blessing. One thing is certain, and that is that we will never, ever forget her.” —Aitegin Maksatbek BA-122

“Aliia was a friend who was charismatic, kind, and empathetic, and her coworkers and students both remember her warmly as a friend who possessed these qualities. In addition to that, Aliia has a powerful sense of social awareness. During the time that she spent in Bishkek, she was responsible for coordinating the Community Service and Participation Program as well as acting as a FLEX alumni city representative. These two roles each came with a number of significant obligations for her (CSIP). Aliia was honored for the coaching she gave to participants at the 2021 Human Rights Workshop as well as the Debate and Public Speaking Workshop.

Both of these workshops were attended by attendees. Aliia was presented with an award in recognition of her efforts in this field, in addition to the merit-based scholarship and gold certificate she already held. She was a participant in programs such as the MakerCamp for Girls and the Virtual Democracy Camp, both of which were organized and supervised by USAID and the United States Embassy in London, respectively “—Jonathan Becker, who is currently acting in the role of president of the AUCA Everyone will feel a sense of loss since Aliia will no longer be present. We are going to pray for her and her family as they go through this difficult time.

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