Alexyss Papi Obituary, Former Firefighter & EMT’s Daughter has Passed Away – Death

Alexyss Papi Obituary, Former Firefighter & EMT's Daughter has Passed Away - Death

Alexyss Papi Death, Obituary –  I am writing to inform you of the demise of my daughter Alexyss Papi . It is with a sad and shattered heart that I do so. Her love for assisting and serving others was unparalleled, and her love for animals, particularly her five dogs, was unparalleled as well. Neither of these loves could be duplicated.
She did everything that I was envious of and wished I had done myself. I served in the United States Army for two tours, spent 14 months in Afghanistan, and have spent more years than I can remember working as a firefighter and emergency medical technician for Kiowa Fire and, more recently, Elbert Fire. She loved more expansively and profoundly than anybody else could. She would do everything, even give up her life, to be of assistance to another person.

She is very devoted to her family and friends, which is something I can only fathom but which earns her a lot of admiration and affection from those around her. I would want to express my gratitude to everyone who has reached out to me over the past few days to provide their support and comfort. It is extremely valued and appreciated. She is someone I look up to since she has achieved so much in her life, which I can only hope to achieve someday. You, my little grunt, have been the one to save the planet. It is time for you to relax and allow us to take over the work that needs to be done. Christy, I adore you and am in severe need of your presence in my life. I promise that no matter where I am or what I do, I will never stop hoping to get a glimpse of your radiant grin while you are petting an adorable animal.


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