Alexis Marie Smith Obituary Buffalo NY, Alexis Marie Smith Has Died – Death

Alexis Marie Smith Obituary Buffalo NY, Alexis Marie Smith Has Died - Death

Alexis Marie Smith Obituary, Death – On Sunday, January 24, 2021, our dear Alexis, who had been ill for some time, passed away while she was surrounded by her grieving family. Alexis had been ill for some time. It is with great regret that we have to deliver the news to you, but it is necessary. Everyone reading this knows that they are in our thoughts and prayers. The diagnosis of glioblastoma as the underlying cause of her passing was made in February 2019, after she had already passed away; however, this determination was made after she had already passed away.

In the midst of this conflict, Alexis fought with valor and bravery, and her dogged determination and gallantry served as an inspiration to each and every one of us. A terrible illness brought about the untimely conclusion of a life that had been truly remarkable, filled with love, and lived to the fullest extent possible. Her birth took place on October 6th, 1983, and her parents are Kevin Kauffman and Pam (Carney) Kauffman. Alexis Kauffman was named after her mother. The anticipation and excitement that surrounded her arrival in the family was palpable because she was the first grandchild on both of her parent’s sides of the family.

She was the first grandchild in the entire family as a result of the fact that she was the first grandchild on both of her parent’s sides of the family. Her educational journey began at St. John Neumann Elementary School, continued at Braddock Middle School, and concluded at Allegany High School, from which she graduated with the class of 2001. Alexis continued her education by attending West Virginia University and then Allegany College of Maryland, both of which are located in the state of Maryland.

In the month of December in 2005, Allegany College of Maryland bestowed upon her the honorary degree of Magna Cum Laude in addition to the title of registered nurse, which was given to her. She began her nursing career at Memorial Hospital in Cumberland, and when her husband was transferred with Chick-fil-A, she moved to the cardiac unit at Jefferson Memorial Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She worked there until her husband was transferred again. She was employed there until the time that her husband was moved there once more. Since then, she has been working at that particular establishment.

Alexis is survived by her loving husband, Jeremy Smith, as well as their daughters, Addison and Finley. In addition to her parents and her sister Kaitlan “Kaity Pat” Kauffman, Alexis is also survived by her husband, Jeremy Smith, who was devoted to her. In addition to Alexis, her sister Kaitlan “Kaity Pat” Kauffman lives on after her passing. They are the people who have been the most important to her throughout her life, and they are the ones who are accountable for keeping her heart safe.

Throughout her life, they have been the people who have been the most significant to her. Because he continued to show her his devotion “in sickness and in health,” Jeremy’s love for Alexis was truly without limits, as evidenced by the fact that he continued to show her his devotion in both good health and bad. It was always one of his top priorities to ensure that she was content, that she was receiving good care, and that she was in an environment that was comfortable.

Patricia (Malone) Carney, her maternal grandmother, John A. “Jack” Kauffman and M. Patricia “Pat” Kauffman, her paternal grandfather and grandmother, all passed away before she was born. Patricia (Malone) Carney was her maternal grandmother. John A. “Jack” Kauffman and M. Patricia “Pat” Kauffman were her paternal grandfather and grandmother. Her paternal great-grandfather, William “Bill” Smith, also passed away before she was born, joining her paternal grandfather, who was also named William “Bill” Smith.

The only members of her family who are still living to mourn her passing are her paternal grandparents, Frank and Roberta Carney, as well as her father and mother-in-law, Gary and Mary Ann Smith, and Bill and Sonja Johnson, as well as the cherished grandmother of her husband, Emily “Nana Emily” Smith. Her paternal grandparents Frank and Roberta Carney are the only members of her family who are still alive to mourn her passing. In addition, her maternal grandparents are still alive to offer their condolences to her family.

She was welcomed into her husband’s extended family with the same level of enthusiasm, which included her five cherished and much loved brothers-in-law, including Justin Smith (Ashley), Kristian Smith (Heather), Jordan Smith (Paula), and Thomas Johnson (Alissa). She invited her husband’s brothers to accompany her on many wonderful trips, vacations, and other family events.

In addition, she took them on many adventures and even some misadventures during these travels. She cherished them, and in return, they loved and doted on her as if she were a cherished sister the entire time. She was treated like a cherished sister because of how much she cherished them. She was a much-loved and respected member of their clan. In addition to that, she has five nephews who will be remaining in their home country.

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