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Alexander Ritchie Obituary

Alexander Ritchie Obituary Death – I am writing to everyone it may touch with the following themes, and the Zander family has graciously given their permission for me to do so. At the age of 88, Alexander Ritchie (Zander), who passed away on February 11th, 2023 at the Aberdeen Royal Hospital, did so unexpectedly but at peace.

His departure came as a complete surprise. It was standard practice to refer to anyone descended from the RITCHIE family as the Peterheads. He was a member of the RITCHIE family. a greatly loved and cherished father to Stephen and Russell, a proud and dedicated grandfather to Louise, a doting great-grandfather to Mollie and Ayda, as well as a close brother and brother-in-law to Eleanor and Stephen.

He passed away on December 4, 2018. a father figure to Louise, who cherished and adored her relationship with him. Mollie and Ayda’s great-grandfather is also their grandfather. In addition to this, he was a doting great-grandfather to Mollie and Ayda, who both happened to live in the same house.

He was kind to them and gave them a lot of love throughout their time together. I was shocked to learn of the passing of, and I sincerely hope you will accept my heartfelt sympathies and sympathy during this difficult time. On Friday, February 24, at one o’clock in the afternoon, a ceremony of thankfulness will be done for the life of Zander at The Almanythie Hall, which can be found in Peterhead at Grange Road. The ceremony will take place on the day after Zander passed away.

The event will take place on Friday, February 24, according to the current plans. In memory of Zander, a funeral service and memorial will be performed for him. You are all cordially invited to join this event, which is open to anybody who knows someone else and open to anyone else who knows someone else.

Immediately after the funeral service has ended, the burial will take place at Grange Cemetery. This will happen as soon as possible after the conclusion of the service. Flowers will only be accepted from the person’s immediate family members who were closest to the deceased person. You will, however, have the chance to make a payment to the R.N.L.I. Peterhead Branch when you enter the hall in place of sending flowers, should you so choose to do so.

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