Alan Roth Obituary, Sign Language Center, CEO And Founder Of SLC Has Died – Death

Alan Roth Obituary, Sign Language Center, CEO And Founder Of SLC Has Died - Death

Alan Roth Obituary, Death – It is with great sadness that I must inform you of the untimely and devastating loss of our cherished CEO and founder of SLC, Alan Roth, on Tuesday, February 7, 2023. Alan Roth passed away on this date. The Sign Language Center and its extended community are in my thoughts and prayers. Alan was the kind of person who made a positive impact on a large number of people’s lives through his generosity, warmth, and kindness.

Because he possessed a special talent that enabled him to make each person feel like they were loved and special, his passing has left a void that can never be filled.
Love, laughter, and happiness were constant companions throughout Alan’s life. His unyielding optimism and upbeat attitude were infectious, and he brought a ray of sunshine into the lives of everyone he came into contact with.

He was a kind and generous person who went out of his way to assist others at all times. As a result, he left an indelible mark on everyone he came in contact with. Alan was a truly remarkable example of what it means to be a leader within the Sign Language Center family. His leadership, guidance, and mentoring had a significant impact on the SLC community, which he helped mold into the tight-knit family that it has become today.

We consider it a great privilege to have had him as a member of the SLC family, and though we will miss having him here, he will not be forgotten. We are extremely appreciative of the time that we were able to spend with Alan as well as the memories that we have of him. Kindness, a warm smile, and a genuine enthusiasm for life are the things that will live on in our memories of him.

Because he was truly exceptional in every way, his passing comes as a great blow to all of us. Our community will need to provide a significant amount of support for Brian, Sela, and Seth. The light that Alan has cast on the world will shine brightly and unabatedly forever. The regular schedule of classes will not be interrupted. Salt Lake City is going to keep expanding and doing well. For the time being, we will take a moment to reflect on Alan’s life, express our condolences, and offer our gratitude to him.

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