Active Shooter in York Pennsylvania, Police investigating

Active Shooter in York Pennsylvania, Death – On Friday morning, an armed suspect opened fire at a furniture store in York County, according to the police. The suspect may have fired as many as twenty shots during the incident. The occurrence took place in the wee hours of the morning on that particular day. According to the reports from the police, the shooting took place at approximately 11 a.m. inside the Price Busters Furniture and Mattress store, which is located on the 1900 block of Industrial Highway in Springettsbury Township.

The store can be found in the township of Springettsbury. However, despite the fact that there were customers in the store when the incident occurred, nobody managed to sustain any injuries as a direct result of the occurrence. A manhunt is currently being conducted by the police in an effort to locate the suspect, who ran away from the scene of the shooting after shots were fired there. At this point in time, the police have not been successful in identifying the suspect.

The following video, which was captured by WGAL’s Ed Weinstock and Anne Shannon, who were present at the incident, shows officers blocking off the road near Price Busters. Ed and Anne were there to cover the story. In order to cover the story, Ed and Anne were present. You will be able to watch Ed’s report if you use the video player that is located at the very top of the page.

Anne has informed us that the glass in the front door of the retail establishment has been shattered, and this information has been passed on to us. The police have not made any statements that have been made public to the general public regarding any possible motivations for the shooting. The results of the investigation indicate that this was an isolated incident, and the authorities have stated that there is currently no danger to the community at this time.

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